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Grocery Supplies, Bakery Supplies, and Fixtures

Butcher Supplies

Our butcher supplies are perfect for selling your meat at farmer’s markets, supermarkets, grocer’s or butcher shops.  We carry signs, labels, and merchandising supplies to help promote your meat as well as foam containers, a huge supply of meat labels, aprons, gloves, knives, scale labels, vacuum pouches, butcher paper, bags and more.

Shop Beef, Pork, Chicken, Promotional, Nutritional and Scale Labels

Brenmar carries a wide selection of meat labels. Including scale labels, pork labels, beef labels, poultry labels, nutritional labels and country of origin labels. We carry everything you need to label your meat and butcher products for resale including merchandising labels.

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rofessional Plastic Wrap and Meat Film for Butchers, Grocers and Processors

Industry meat plastic film wrap. We carry a large selection of plastic wrap perfect for keeping your product fresh. Multiple gauges and sizes! Our meat film and produce film comes in different thicknesses and sizes. In addition the meat film we offer can often be used as a long term freezer film as well.

Best Sellers