Our butcher supplies are perfect for selling your meat at farmer’s markets, supermarkets, grocer’s or butcher shops.  We carry signs, labels, and merchandising supplies to help promote your meat as well as foam containers, a huge supply of meat labels, aprons, gloves, knives, scale labels, vacuum pouches, butcher paper, bags and more.

USDA Label Grain Fed Beef Choice - 500 Pack (500391)

Meat Labels and Stickers

Meat labels for your butcher shop. Mark your USDA approved meats and your cuts easily with our labels. In Addition we carry a wide variety of meat labels including dayglo, merchandising, bbq offering and more. Easily identify your meats and help market your meat sales with our combinations of labels. Wholesale prices, fast shipping and great values.

Meat Film and plastic wrap

Meat Film and Plastic Wrap

Industry meat plastic film wrap. We carry a large selection of plastic wrap perfect for keeping your product fresh. Multiple gauges and sizes! Our meat film and produce film comes in different thicknesses and sizes. In addition the meat film we offer can often be used as a long term freezer film as well.

Vacuum Pouch 6 x 12

Professional Vacuum Bags

Our wholesale vacuum pouches have a powerful sealant, which prevents weakening of the pouches, even with handling. We construct each pouch with a flexible film that allows for a perfect fit. Additionally, our pouches are easy to fill, which helps increase the efficiency of your packing process. BPA Free!

white patty foam tray for hamburger patties 4 count

Foam Trays and Meat Pads

Foam Trays have exceptional strength for the most demanding packer processor environments. Our extra strong supermarket and processor trays accommodate everything from single servings to bulk, while our carry trays are ideal for butcher stores, schools, cafeterias, and events. Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

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white vinyl meat processing aprons




disposable hairnets


Steak Paper

Make sure that your meats look and taste their best with this steak paper. 

steak paper