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Food Service Supplies

Our takeout supplies are perfect for restaurants, delis, catering, c-stores and any place selling prepared food. Between our takeout containers and our disposable tableware you’ll find what you need for your business. If you’re catering a casual event, managing a grocery store, or operating a concession stand, you need disposable deli trays to present and serve food. We offer trays made of plastic, paper, foam, and foil, so you can pick and choose the best vessel for take-out products or pre-wrapped produce.

Take Out Containers and Boxes

Take out boxes and containers for lunches, salads, hot and cold foods. We carry a number of take-out containers in popular styles and sizes for practically any restaurant. We carry styrofoam hinged containers, soup bowls and hot foods containers.

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Microwavable Takeout Containers – To Go Plastic Containers

Shop for plastic microwavable take out containers at the Brenmar Company. We carry a large selection of microwavable containers and take out containers. Our containers can be used to package retail food items in your deli then be microwaved as directed.

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Plastic & Paper Bags for Deli, Restaurants and Food Service

Brenmar carries a wide selection of deli bags, from simple slider bags, resealable bags and sandwich bags to chicken and wing bags.

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