Beef, Pork, Chicken, Promotional, Nutritional and Scale Labels

Brenmar carries a wide selection of meat labels. Including scale labels, pork labels, beef labels, poultry labels, nutritional labels and country of origin labels. We carry everything you need to label your meat and butcher products for resale including merchandising labels.

Improve Sales
Help your customers and improve your meat sales. Marking your meat makes it easier to sell and identify to your customers. Many meats are also required by the FDA to be marked. See all the information here.

Few labels see the kind of challenges of meat labels. They must stand up to extreme processing conditions, freezing temperatures and contact with moisture during application and storage. Packages can use odd shapes, demanding a matching label in a custom shape. All meat labels and label adhesives are subject to detailed FDA requirements for indirect food contact. In addition, consumer trends have greatly shaped the industry. Pushes for Certified Organic meat, pasture-raised animals, free-range poultry, grass-fed beef, meat with humanitarian certifications and vegetarian fed chickens impact label design for many brands.