Wet Umbrella Bags, Racks and Accessories

The Wet Umbrella Bag has been designed to eliminate dangerous and slippery floors in your store. It allows your visitors to place their wet, dripping umbrellas in an easy to use plastic bag. The Wet Umbrella Bag, paired with one of our umbrella bag stands, has been designed to eliminate unsafe wet floors.  While offering your customers, visitors and employees the option to store their umbrellas in an easy to use, easy to open, disposable wrapper. Designed to be displayed at the entrance of your building. Our Wet Umbrella Bags are a brilliant way to reduce slip-and-fall liability while keeping your floors dry and clean!

In addition to our standard bags we also carry our automatic umbrella bag wrapper. The wet umbrella bag automatic dispenser is an attractive and easy way to display your wet umbrella bags. Easy to move and easy to fill. This dispenser offers an alternative to basic stands and ripped and fallen bags. Simple put your umbrella into the system and pull making wet umbrella that drip and make floors slippery a thing of the past.

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