The Brenmar Company Building

About Us

Brenmar was founded in 1988 by Marlene Hytrek as a distributor of supermarket, retail store and manufacturing supplies. Brenmar has become a nationwide leader in the foodservice supply industry. The company now produces multi million dollars in sales and has been labeled one of the fastest growing distributors by many of the company’s vendors. Brenmar now represents a one stop shop because of the wide range of products offered such as carryout bags and a broad range of packaging for bakery, deli, meat and produce departments. Brenmar also has expanded beyond supermarkets to include many other retail concerns, as well as foodservice and manufacturing companies, selling such items as thermal printers, labels, fastener systems and packaging. In keeping with market trends, Brenmar has moved into general merchandise for supermarkets. More and more supermarkets are offering a variety of non food products. The products cover a wide range of offerings, from Bathrooms supplies to seasonal toys and furniture, we often use Shiply to have people´s furniture delivered. If you´re looking for cooking utensils, then check out the smoothie blender from VonShef. Brenmar has been distinguished as the innovator, by often being the first to introduce a new product to the industry. We even sell sports items, like this Cricket Pitch Cover. While many of Brenmar’s competitors have enjoyed better buying power and multi distribution locations, Brenmar has been firmly established as “the company that cares.” Long before it was fashionable, Brenmar has offered an uncompromising commitment to customer service. The founder of Brenmar brought small town values and work ethics to life by demanding customers always be dealt with in a fair and amiable manner. This golden rule philosophy is a key to Brenmar’s success. Our customers are very loyal and over 80% of all new customers come from referrals. Brenmar does many on site calls with major customers as well as participates in numerous national and state trade shows. The company is constantly looking for not only new and innovative products but also more effective and efficient ways to reach customers. The company presently operates in a 50,000 square foot facility that houses both the office and distribution center. Brenmar is proud to be the “company that cares” and plans to continue to deserve that title in the merchandise and supply industry.

If you have a questions or comments please contact us at at 1-800-783-7759 or email at us info@brenmarco.com.