Disposable Party Trays

Cater Trays and Deli Trays for Packaging Prepared Takeout Foods
Disposable Party Trays are a great way to increase the profit margin of your sales. With meat, produce and bakery items packaging into a party tray you can show off your stores best prepared foods in a bright colorful package that does detract from your product. Our party trays range from 8 inches to 18 inches and coming in both aluminum and plastic.

Our selection of deli and food trays and lids covers a wide range of uses, from catering applications to cafeteria service and concession snacks. Great for supermarket cut fruit selections or a party sized tray of deli meats and cheeses.  Our plastic catering / deli tray is perfect for displaying hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, and desserts at your next party or catered meal. A clear plastic dome lid is also available for all our tray to help you keep your platters fresh and free of contaminants. For your convenience, these trays make cleanup a breeze! Simply dispose of the tray when you are finished using it.

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