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Bakery Supplies

At Brenmar, we understand the importance of having exceptional bakery supplies that cater to your needs. Our selection of wholesale bakery supplies is unrivaled, offering you an opportunity to shop for all your bakery needs under one roof. From cake packaging and cake boxes to pie boxes and bakery labels, we provide an extensive range of high-quality supplies that are perfect for retailing baked goods. Our cupcake packaging is top-notch and guarantees to protect your delicious treats from any damage. Whether you’re a professional baker or an avid home baker, our supplies are tailored to fit your specific needs, enabling you to create perfect bakery products. Browse through our various categories to find the best fit for your bakery and take your business to the next level. Shop with Brenmar today!

Bakery Categories

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Cakes are a wonderful way to showcase both your talent and enhance your bakery’s bottom line. With our excellent cake packaging you can display your work in an appealing and cost effective way. features several sizes and heights of cake containers so what every your need you can find it here.


Brenmar carries a wide selection of donuts and pastry packaging. Looking for a plastic donut packaging option look no further our highly popular 12 count donut carrier is below. We also carry packaging for danishes, lemon bars, brownies, bar cakes and more. 


Brenmar offers several styles and sizes of pie containers including our DisplayPie containers. These containers preserve the freshness and protect the pastry. Dome lids snap on quick and stay on during transportation. Domes are available in multiple heights to accommodate any height pie creation. 


The Brenmar Company has a variety of plastic Cupcake and Muffin containers. We have single plastic cupcake containers, single plastic muffin containers, 4 cavity plastic cupcake containers, 6 cavity plastic containers, boxes and more. 


Stock your bakery with this dependable 1-2 layer cake display container! It includes a large, black tray and a secure, snap-on dome lid that’s tall enough to accommodate 1 to 2 layer cakes up to 7″ in diameter.


These donut bags are perfect for your bakery or coffee shop. Each bag features coffee and donut design while still leaving your product visible to your customer. These bags will keep donut items neatly composed and presentable for your customers. 


Preprint bakery labels ready to promote and label all of your bakery items. Sift through our terrific Bakeries Large Product Labels – Many colorful designs to find one that fits you.