7 inch Cake 2-3 Layer Combo Pack – 100 PACK (261366)


Black Base w/lid PET
Compartments: 1
Volume (oz): 123.4
Product ID (“): 7 ½ x 8 316 x 4 716
Product OD (“): 9 116 x 10 ¼ x 5
UPC: 707068006073
Applications: Cakes
Market Applications: Bakery, Processor, Supermarket
Material: PET ♳
Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

7 inch Cake 2-3 Layer Combo Pack

Striking Style and Secure Storage: 7-Inch Cake Combo Pack (Clear Lid, Black Base, PET Plastic, 100 Pack)

Make your cakes the star of the show with this elegant 7-Inch Cake Combo Pack! This set, featuring a crystal-clear lid and a sleek black base made from PET plastic, offers both functionality and a touch of sophistication for bakeries, caterers, and home bakers alike.

Modern Design Meets Practicality:

  • Crystal Clear Lid: Showcase your stunning cake creations in all their glory. The transparent PET plastic allows customers to see the intricate details and vibrant colors of your cakes, enticing impulse purchases.
  • Sleek Black Base: The contrasting black base creates a polished presentation, elevating the perceived value of your cakes and adding a touch of modern elegance.
  • Two-Piece Combo: Each pack includes a clear lid and a black base, forming a complete and attractive packaging solution for your layered cakes.
  • Secure Fit: The snug-fitting lid ensures safe stacking and prevents crushing during transport or storage.
  • Bulk Value Pack: This pack of 100 combo sets provides a cost-effective solution for high-volume businesses or frequent cake decorating.

7-Inch Cake Combo Packs are ideal for:

  • Bakeries: Package your cakes for takeout or display with a touch of modern style.
  • Caterers: Transport pre-made cakes securely while maintaining a professional presentation.
  • Home Bakers: Share your delectable creations with friends and family in a stylish and convenient container.

Upgrade your cake presentation and ensure safe delivery with these versatile 7-Inch Cake Combo Packs. Order yours today and let your beautiful cakes take center stage!

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 18 in


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