9 inch Molded Clamshell Champware Made from Sugar Cane Pulp Fiber – 200 Pack (360221)

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Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 3 in.
Made From: BIO MAS (Sugarcane Pulp Fiber)
Color: Off-White

9 inch Molded Clamshell Champware

BIO MAS Made from Sugar Cane Pulp Fiber

  • Naturally sourced using bagasse, a fibrous by-product of the sugarcane refining process.
  • Sugarcane is renewable resource continually being replanted and grown.
  • An FDA approved additive is used to ensure the greatest amount of moisture and grease resistance.

The ChampWare line consists of high quality, durable foodservice products. All items are made of bagasse, a sugarcane by-product, and are free of plastic, chlorine and coatings. Given the right environment, ChampWare products are compostable and recyclable. ChampWare is also microwaveable and grease and moisture resistant, which makes it the perfect option for any occasion.

*ASTMD-6400 and ASTMD-6868 certified to be 100% compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities, which may not be available in your area. Not suitable for backyard composting.

Additional information

Weight 20.3 lbs
Dimensions 18.75 × 15.38 × 10.25 in

Southern Champion Tray



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