Automatic Umbrella Wet Umbrella Wrapper – Dark Silver


Item #: 341119
Bags sold separately
Use with Bags 100002
Package Dimensions: 36.22 x 11.81 x 11.02 inches

Automatic Umbrella Wet Umbrella Wrapper – Dark Silver

  • KEEP FLOORS DRY AND PREVENTS ACCIDENTS : PREVENT hazardous slip and fall accidents with the Umbrella Wrapper in your business area. Customers can hold their umbrellas while maintaining floor areas dry and clean without any dripping water of umbrella. REDUCE additional labor cost of wiping down the floors by offering solution for business owners to prevent wet floors on rainy or snowy days. SAVE maintenance costs by prevent your merchandises and facilities from water damage
  • STURDY DURABILITY AND SEMI-PERMANENTLY NATURE : Umbrella Bag Dispensers have satisfied many customer’s expectation by achieving the best quality standard in Umbrella Wrapping Machine business area. Semi-permanent characteristic with non-corrosive is the greatest satisfaction part of customer and Durable Sleek and Sturdy design looks great on anywhere. It’s convenient and excellent to place in high traffic areas
  • IMPROVED WIDE SLOTS : The wide slots of the Umbrella Wrapping Machine help your wet umbrella wrapped in plastic bag easily and conveniently without rolling up the umbrella by hands. FUNCTIONAL HANDLE : It’s simple and easy to check the umbrella plastic bags remaining by installing the functional handle that enables elegant design. EASY MOVE AND USE :  Wet Umbrella Stand wraps wet umbrella automatically and perfectly
  • DESIGN / MATERIAL : The Wet Umbrella Holder is stylish and fancy with Soft & Curved edge design with addition of the curvaceous lines that makes it sturdy and durable against rust by selecting exceptional durable the ABS ENGINEERING. CONSPICUOUS NOTICE : A noticeable sign to inform your customer how to use the Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machine at a single glance

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 11 in




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