Biodegradable* Wet Umbrella Bags Large – 1000 Pack (106334)

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Dimensions: 9 x 31 in.
Strength: .70 mil
Color: Green, Clear
Not for sale or use in California, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon or any area that prohibits bags of this type.
Fits Racks 340001 & 340002 (see Below)

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Biodegradable* Wet Umbrella Bags Large

*49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions. No evidence of further biodegradation.

Not for sale or use in California, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon or any area that prohibits bags of this type.

The Large Wet Umbrella Bags have been designed to eliminate dangerous, slippery floors in your store. This allows your customers to store their wet, dripping umbrellas in an easy-to-use, indoor umbrella bag Umbrella bag stand sold separately.

  • Inexpensive Insurance
  • Keeps floors dry, resulting in fewer slip and fall accidents
  • Protects customers’ clothes from wet umbrellas
  • Reduces need for numerous wet floor mats at entryways
  • Reduces housekeeping maintenance, labor from mop-ups
  • The bright color catches customer’s attention and allows you to easy find bags on the floor
  • Identifies your company as one that cares about its customers and employees

Die Cut Holes

Our bags come with four die cut holes for mounting as shown below. Bags will fit single rack, dual rack and wall mounted racks.


umbrella bag with die cut holes


Slip and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents. Second only to motor vehicle accidents; slips, trips and falls are the most frequent accidents leading to personal injury. Slips trips and falls can result in head injuries, back injuries, broken bones, cuts and lacerations, or sprained muscles. The Bureau of State Risk Management has identified “slips, trips and falls” as one of the top five causes of workers’ compensation claims over the last six years.

A “slip” occurs when there is too little traction or friction between the shoe and walking surface. A “trip” occurs when a person’s foot contacts an object in their way or drops to a lower level unexpectedly, causing them to be thrown off-balance. A trip most often results in a person falling forward, while a slip most often results in the person falling backward. A “fall” occurs when you are too far off-balance.

There are many situations that may cause slips, trips, and falls, such as ice and wet spots. Easily help prevent these type of falls with the Wet Umbrella  bags.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 6 in

1 review for Biodegradable* Wet Umbrella Bags Large – 1000 Pack (106334)

  1. John M.

    Best bag on the market

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