Wet Umbrella Bag Automatic Dispenser Dual – Charcoal (341116)


Bags Sold separately
Use with Bags 100050 and 100002
Dimensions: 16w x 11.75d x 29h

Wet Umbrella Bag Automatic Dispenser Dual – Charcoal

The wet umbrella bag automatic dispenser is an attractive and easy way to display your wet umbrella bags. Easy to move and easy to fill. This dispenser offers an alternative to basic stands and ripped and fallen bags. Simple put your umbrella into the system and pull making wet umbrella that drip and make floors slippery a thing of the past.

Best Umbrella Bagging Station
Dimensions:16w x 11.75d x 29h
Wheels on back allow easy rolling.

How to Use

  • Put the tip of your wet umbrella straight down into the slot on the top.
  • The umbrella is automatically encased in the waterproof vinyl bag when you fully insert it.
  • Pull out umbrella toward yourself slowly.
  • The umbrella is wrapped in a vinyl bag without dropping water on the floor

Protect Your Business and Your Customers

The wet umbrella bag has been designed to eliminate dangerous, slippery floors in your business by allowing your visitors to place their wet, dripping umbrellas in an easy to use plastic bag. This bag, paired With one of our fantastic bag stands displayed at the entrance of your building will eliminate unsafe, wet floors.

Automatic Wet Umbrella Bag diagram








Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 17 in




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