Cake Box 10 inch – 100 Pack (360291)

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Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5.5 in.
Color: Kraft

Cake Box 10 inch – 100 Pack (360291)

Our Cake Box Kraft paperboard is made from a combination of sustainably managed forest and at least 18% recycled wood fiber content using a totally chlorine free manufacturing process.

Paperboard is made from trees, a natural resource that can easily be renewed by planting more trees.Trees used in our paperboard are typically harvested and re-grown on a 7-15 year farming cycle depending on the type of tree. The process is the same for any other farm crop, it just occurs over a longer period of time.

Our Cake Box paperboard is made from unbleached pulp and is highly recyclable in its most natural state;however even coated Kraft paperboard can be recycled with the proper equipment. Paper fibers can be recycled 5-7 times before deteriorating. Once fibers are completely worn out, they are used as a biofuel. Naturally, Kraft should be the number one choice for your bakery and foodservice items…and for our environment.

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 21 × 2.2 in
Cake Packaging Type


Southern Champion Tray



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