Allison House Dressing – 12 Pack (71733)


Size: 16 oz.
UPC: 0-35592-11080-6
Made in Omaha, Nebraska

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Allison House Dressing

Allison House Sweet and Spicy Dressing is made from my original home recipe that I have been serving family and friends since the 1940’s. This dressing is a smooth blend of the highest quality ingredients.

A unique and versatile flavor that compliments a variety of food from salads to cooked vegetables. An excellent marinade for beef, pork, chicken, fish or try it on a hoagie. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in

Allison House Foods, Inc.


3 reviews for Allison House Dressing – 12 Pack (71733)

  1. Anonymous

    my favorite dressing ever!

  2. Wanda

    My husband is related to the wonderful people who produce this dressing. I have used it over the years and have not found another that comes close the the taste of this dressing.

  3. L Burke

    This salad dressing is by far the best ever!!😃 We’ve ordered it for at least 10 years!! Even my non salad dressing people, love it!!

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