3 Amigas Mild Salsa 16oz – 12 Pack (90510)


Size: 16oz
UPC: 6-55100-85065-1
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3 Amigas Mild Salsa

Family recipe from Durango, Mexico. Onion-free red salsas (yes, try it!). All-natural, no preservatives, no sugar added. Gluten free.

This salsa is made with fresh high-quality ingredients. We’ve taken the best aspects of traditional salsas and combined them into a flavorful product that will satisfy your palate. Our goal was to create something that people would enjoy while still maintaining the flavor profile of traditional salsas.

7 ingredients
Tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, cilantro, salt, garlic, crushed red pepper.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 in


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