Bottle Cap Security

Bottle Cap Security in Action! Secure Your Bottles. Stop Shrinkage.

Bottle Cap Alarm Systems offers the active solution you need. Our innovative security caps act as a visible deterrent to would-be thieves, while also providing clear evidence of tampering.

Here’s how to actively safeguards your bottle inventory:

  • Ultra-strong, tamper-evident design: Discourages theft attempts and provides instant notification if a cap is broken.
  • Easy application, clean removal: Loss prevention made simple for staff and a frustration-free experience for customers.
  • Universal fit for most bottles: Protect your wine, spirits, liquors, and other valuable beverages.
  • Compatible with popular EAS systems: Seamless integration with your existing loss prevention measures.

Bottle Cap Security: Take an active stance against retail shrinkage.

Contact us today to discuss how Checkpoint can protect your profits!

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