Butcher Paper

We carry a wide variety of Butcher Paper and Freezer paper styles and colors for all your butcher needs. Butcher Paper Rolls, Freezer Paper, Steak Paper and More. Here are some of the most common colors of steak paper and what they are used for: Pink is typically used for pork, poultry and fish. Pink steak paper complements the hue of the meat and also preserves freshness. While Black is used to display higher quality beef such as angus.  Black makes a sophisticated impact and conveys the “prime” quality of high-grade steaks. Green offers a nice contrast against the bright color of steak and other cuts of beef.  The bold shade of green never varies from the specific color that has been used for years. Peach helps make the pink tint or pork, poultry, fish look even whiter, while helping preserve freshness.

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