Clear Party Tray Bag – 50 Pack (106115)


Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 24 in.
Color: Clear Case
Uses: Party Trays, Cater Trays, Catering, Deli Trays, Bakery Trays, Veggie Trays

Clear Party Tray Bag – 50 Pack

Your customers look to you as their first choice for party trays. Don’t Send them away with an arm load of hassles. Our clear bag allows your customers to carry up to an 18″ tray with just one hand. The added convenience will increase sales, hands down!

Features Include

  • Keeps second hand free to open doors, etc.
  • Provides added security for dome covers.
  • Clear plastic allows for viewing contents
  • Carries up to 18 inch Trays.
  • Flat Bottom with Gusseted sides Keeps trays horizontal and customers happy

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16.37 × 21.25 × 2 in

TC Manufacturing



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