Seedless Label – 1000 Pack (590011)


Dimensions: 1.25″ x 0.81″ (inches)
Color: Green, Black
Sold by the roll: 1000 labels per roll
Food/Grocery Labels
Matte Paper
Permanent Adhesive
Made in the U.S.A. 🇺🇸

Indicate Convenience & Boost Sales: Seedless Labels (1000 Pack)

Promote convenience and enhance customer satisfaction with these informative Seedless Labels! Measuring 1.25″ x 0.81″ and featuring clear black print on a green background, these labels effectively highlight seedless produce, potentially increasing sales and saving prep time for customers.

Increased Sales Potential & Improved Customer Experience (1000 Count):

  • Clearly Identify Seedless Options: These labels eliminate confusion and ensure customers easily recognize seedless fruits, potentially leading to increased sales.
  • Highlight Convenience & Save Prep Time: The “Seedless” message effectively communicates a time-saving benefit, appealing to busy customers who appreciate convenience.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction: By clearly identifying seedless options, you can improve customer experience and encourage repeat purchases.

High-Visibility Design & Long-Lasting Supply (1000 Count):

  • Clear Black Text & Eye-Catching Green Background: The contrasting color scheme ensures the label is clearly visible, even from a distance, on shelves or displays.
  • Durable & Adhesive: Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting adhesion on various product packaging or surfaces.
  • Bulk Value Pack (1000 Count): Provides a cost-effective solution for grocery stores, farmers markets, or produce stands to efficiently label their seedless fruits.

Perfect for Various Seedless Produce:

  • Label Seedless Grapes: Effectively identify and promote seedless green, red, or black grapes for a convenient and enjoyable snacking experience.
  • Showcase Seedless Watermelon: Highlight the convenience of seedless watermelon slices or wedges, ideal for picnics, pool parties, or quick summer treats.
  • Identify Other Seedless Options: Use these labels for various seedless fruits like oranges, mandarins, or watermelons, depending on your seasonal offerings.
  • Boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and promote the convenience of seedless produce with these informative Seedless Labels. Order your 1000-pack roll today and make shopping for seedless options a breeze!

    Additional information

    Weight 0.25 lbs
    Dimensions 1 × 2 × 2 in

    Epsen Hilmer Graphics



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