Red Leaf Lettuce Foil Twist Tie – 250 Pack (169998)


Pack: 250
Dimensions: 18 x 0.31 in
Color: Red

Keep Red Leaf Lettuce Fresh and Secure: Red Leaf Lettuce 4075 Foil Twist Ties

Ensure your red leaf lettuce stays crisp and bundled with these convenient and informative foil twist ties. Measuring 18 inches long and 0.44 inches wide, these ties provide a secure and reliable closure for red leaf lettuce bags, promoting freshness and preventing spills.

Clear Product Identification:

  • “Red Leaf Lettuce” Text: The prominent inscription leaves no doubt about the contents of the bag, aiding in both product identification and inventory management.
  • PLU Code 4075: The inclusion of the standardized PLU code streamlines checkout processes and ensures accurate pricing.

Freshness and Convenience:

  • Secure Closure: The 18-inch length allows for multiple twists, creating a tight and dependable seal that keeps lettuce leaves fresh and contained.
  • Easy Twisting: The flexible foil material allows for effortless twisting and knotting, even with gloved hands.
  • Reusable: These twist ties can be carefully removed and reused for future packaging needs.

Upgrade your red leaf lettuce packaging with these informative and functional foil twist ties. Order yours today and prioritize product freshness and clarity!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 2 in

Bedford Industries, Inc.



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