Oven Bags with Ties 18 x 24 in – 100 Pack (110091)


Dimensions: 18 x 24 in.
Made in the USA

Oven Bags with Ties 18 x 24 in

High Temperature (to 400 F/204 C) PanSaver Oven Bags are NSF certified and Kosher approved

PanSaver Oven Bags are chef-tested. These convenient, time saving kitchen aides improve the food you serve, while reducing operating costs. Meat stays moist, tender succulent- greatly enhanced by their own flavorful juices. And you don’t have to alter your normal cooking procedures to enjoy the benefits of PanSaver Oven Bags: shorter cooking time ….Better flavor…Quicker clean-up!

Meats baste continually, inside the bag, in their own juices. You can watch them brown through the clear, sturdy PanSaver Oven bag, yet there’s no oven platter, or crusted pan. When the meats cooked, just remove it slice and serve.

Vegetables placed in the oven bags are cooked in a steamer. Vegetables retain bright color and garden-fresh flavor. They are tender, but crisp.

The oven and pans? They’ll be ready to use again quickly – no scouring or mess. Why scrub when all you need to do is sanitize? Use PanSaver Oven Bags every day for roasting , steaming, boiling, and freezing. For planning ahead or meeting emergency rushes, simply cook and freeze food in bag one day , and it’s ready to heat-and-serve another day.

PanSaver Oven Bags…..The institutional time and labor saver that improves the quality, appearance, and flavor of the food you serve.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 lbs
Dimensions 19.37 × 13 × 1.5 in

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