MagSecure 6″ 1 Holder White with Adhesive Back (190171)


MagSecure 6″ – 1 Holder White with Adhesive Back

MagSecure uses clear Melinex polyester hinge material. The Melinex will not yellow or become brittle/crack in direct sunlight making this an excellent choice for window signs.

1. White or Black Front
2. Regular strength or High Energy magnets
3. Premium 3M adhesive (several versions to choose from)
4. Holds in hot or cold surroundings
5. Eliminates unsightly tape, falling suction cups or the need for punched holes in signs

How it Works

Remove adhesive backing from MagSecure 1 holder
magsecure how it works

Mount MagSecure 1 holder to a clean, flat surface and open hinge to insert sign material. Close the MagSecure 1 holder to hold sign flush to the surface.

Magsecure mounting

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 in

K International, Inc.



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