Gridwall Scanner Hook 4″ – White – 100/case


Item #: 340029

Gridwall Scanner Hook 4″ – White

Gridwall scanner hook is 4″ long. Fits 3″ on center grid panels. White. Galvanized metal wire hooks with quick back metal backplate for gridwalls. The two-piece design provides fast, straight entry under shelves or in loaded displays. Simply install the metal backplate into your gridwall and then attach wire hook onto backplate and click down to lock. The hook locks securely yet separates easily to reset. The metal wire flip scan hook with T-scan bar are perfect for hanging retail merchandise. These galvanized pegboard and slatwall hooks are compatible with Flip Scan Label Holders (sold separately). Advertise retail prices, branding, or display an item’s SKU number or UPC code. This sturdy and durable hardware can be used in a pegboard or slat wall. These multipurpose hooks are perfect for retail store, supermarket display fixture, convenience store, hypermarket, warehouse storage solution, wholesale megastores, shopping mall decoration, or for retail storage.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 9 in


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