Clear Heavyweight Plastic Spoon – Wrapped – 1000 PACK (180107)


Material: Polystyrene ♸
Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning 

Elegance Meets Durability: Clear Heavyweight Plastic Spoons – Wrapped (1000 Count)

Upgrade your disposable cutlery with these Clear Heavyweight Plastic Spoons – Wrapped! This bulk pack of 1,000 individually wrapped spoons offers a perfect blend of sophistication, sanitation, and practicality.

  • Crystal Clear Appeal: The high-quality transparent plastic allows these spoons to seamlessly integrate with any tabletop setting, adding a touch of class to your dining presentation.
  • Individually Wrapped for Hygiene: Each spoon is hygienically wrapped, ensuring cleanliness and peace of mind for your customers. This eliminates the need for bulky napkin dispensers and reduces potential contamination.
  • Heavyweight Construction: Don’t be fooled by the clear design! These spoons are crafted from strong polystyrene, offering superior durability and comfortable handling for even cereal, ice cream, or dense desserts.
  • Ideal Size & Weight: These spoons are sized for comfortable use and provide a satisfying weight in the hand, elevating the overall dining experience.
  • Bulk Value Pack: This pack of 1,000 individually wrapped spoons ensures you have a steady supply on hand, perfect for high-volume businesses or frequent use.

Clear Heavyweight Plastic Spoons – Wrapped are ideal for:

  • Restaurants offering upscale takeout service
  • Catering companies providing elegant disposable cutlery
  • Food trucks and concession stands prioritizing hygiene and convenience
  • Businesses seeking a stylish and practical alternative to traditional plastic spoons

Elevate your disposable cutlery game with these premium Clear Heavyweight Plastic Spoons. The individual wrapping ensures hygiene, while the clear design and heavyweight construction offer both style and functionality. Order your bulk pack of 1,000 today!


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 9 in


R.J. Schinner Company


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