Caramel Apple Container – 750 Pack (370164)


For 3 Inch Apples
(1 cell) with Buttons

Caramel Apple Container, (1 cell) with Buttons

For 3 Inch Apples
Put the finishing touch on your larger-sized candy and caramel apples with these large plastic candy/caramel apple bubble tray. This tray helps keep apples fresh, protected, and looking good; and its transparency shows off your apple treats!

Safely package and present your beautifully decorated larger-sized candy or caramel apple with this large disposable candy apple bubble! This plastic bubble will keep your apples fresh, protected, and professional looking for sale in your candy shop, concession stand, bakery, or gift shop! Its clear construction provides complete product visibility, showcasing the delicious toppings and colors and increasing impulse sales. Its bubble shape also provides ample room so the caramel or other candy coating doesn’t stick. A functional and visually-appealing alternative to plastic bags and other containers that only make more of a mess, this apple bubble is sure to exceed your candy packaging needs.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 24 in

Berk Enterprises, Inc.



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