Americana Root Beer 12oz – 24 PACK (47286)


UPC: 39771111127

Americana Root Beer 12oz – 24 PACK

If the name didn’t already give it away, Americana, this line of retro soda flavors hearkens to the simpler times of soda fountains, sock hops and 5 cent sodas. While we can’t bring back the 5 cent soda, we’ve tried our best to recreate the taste of classic American flavors. A traditional root beer with hints of vanilla, licorice and honey. The creamy licorice undertones balance all the flavors together for a smooth creamy addition to your root beer favorites. Made with pure cane sugar and bottled in a long neck glass bottles.

Additional information

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions9.75 × 14.62 × 9.25 in


Orca Beverage, Inc.


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