12 oz. Styrofoam Cup – 1000 Pack (260722)

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12 oz. Styrofoam Cup – 1000 Pack

Polystyrene cups, commonly called foam or Styrofoam cups, are designed to hold hot or cold liquids. The insulated material ensures that the person holding the cup is protected against heat or excessive cold, maintaining the right temperature for the liquid or ice cream within. Many restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops use foam cups for their beverages and milkshakes. These cups are available in eight ounce sizes as well as tall 32 ounce sizes. Serve anything from ice cream to smoothies to hot cocoa in these cups, which are value-priced for convenience and high volume use. Although foam is a convenient and useful material for cups like this, it is not the most environmentally-friendly type of cup out there. Consider looking into the possibility of eco-cups made from corn plastic, bamboo or bagasse for a more sustainable alternative

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × 12.88 × 34.75 in

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R.J. Schinner Company



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