1 Pint Vented Clamshell Container – 516/case


Item #: 261175
Size: 4.375″ x 5″ x 2.4″
Material: PET ♳
Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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1 Pint Vented Clamshell Container

Showcase & Breathe Easy: Your 1-Pint Produce Paradise

Keep your berries bursting, tomatoes twinkling, and grapes gleaming with the 1-Pint Vented Clamshell Container! This crystal-clear haven for your favorite fruits and veggies boasts breathable, slotted sides that prevent condensation buildup and let those flavors sing.

Say goodbye to mushy messes and hello to vibrant vibrancy! These vents gently nudge air around your precious produce, slowing down spoilage and extending their shelf life. Plus, the sturdy, hinged lid snaps shut securely, making transport and storage a breeze.

Imagine your customers’ eyes popping at the plump blueberries, juicy raspberries, and sun-kissed cherry tomatoes peeking through the crystal-clear plastic. This clamshell isn’t just functional, it’s a showcase for your farm-fresh goodness.

Lock in Freshness, Let Flavor Fly: Vented Clamshell for Peak Produce

Here’s why your produce will love its new ventilated digs:

  • Breathable Bliss: Vents prevent condensation, keeping your berries plump and your grapes juicy.
  • Freshness First: Gentle air circulation slows down spoilage and extends shelf life.
  • Crystal Clear Confidence: Customers can see the vibrant, healthy goodness within.
  • Snap & Secure: Sturdy, hinged lid keeps contents safe during transport and storage.
  • Versatile Champion: Perfect for berries, tomatoes, grapes, herbs, and more!

Order your 1-Pint Vented Clamshell Container today and watch your produce flourish!

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 24 × 14 in

R.J. Schinner Company


1 review for 1 Pint Vented Clamshell Container – 516/case

  1. garnishandgather

    Good quality and price, works as expected. Thanks!

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