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Produce Bag and roll bags for Retail Produce Sales. Including Tug N Tote, Pull N Pak, Roll Bags, Corn Bags and More
Brenmar carries a full line of produce bags and roll bags. Check out our Tug N Tote Produce bags. The Tug N Tote Produce bag comes in an attractive box. This specially designed box allows customers to easily retrieve a bag with center pull design, dispensing one bag at a time. Several designs and styles are available in the Tug N Tote, including; More Matters, Produce, Wet Pack, Meat, Greens, and Corn. Don’t miss out on are amazing pricing on Pull N Pak produce roll bags. Increase your customer’s satisfaction and improve bottom line profitability. They are easy to use and perfect for any produce department or stand!

Shop more produce categories: Vented Containers, Herb Containers, Labels, Shelf Merchandising, Sustainable Packaging.

Organically Grown Produce Bags
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