Monarch 1136 and Labels

Shop Monarch 1136 Pricing Labeling Guns and Labels – PRINTS ON TWO LINES. With eight characters of print on each line, the Monarch 1136 is the best loved two line hand-held label tool in the entire industry. Durability and overall design are the keys that help make this gun the top seller year after year. Thanks to its design, the unit does not feel overly heavy in the hand and helps save users time from needing to change the roll as often. This model provides complete visibility and accessibility because the gun mechanism itself can be opened by the user. By utilizing what is called the “open view” design, new rolls of labels are easily and quickly inserted.

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These are plastic tools, but they are very durable. The design engineers created the print head to be restricted to just the designated path. This helps keep a very reliable print even after some knocks. Monarch 1136  also has a almost fully enclosed label roll cavity. Protecting the paper stickers from the elements helps to ensure it has long lasting, smooth operation.