Monarch 1130 and Labels

Shop Monarch 1130 Pricing Labeling Guns and Labels – PRINTS ON ONE LINE. For a user looking for a super reliable hand held labeler; the Monarch 1130 is a great place to start. The build quality is top notch and the easy label loading and design benefits help to make everyday use simple. This tool will hold the most labels on a roll in the entire industry; 2,500 individual stickers. That design will save time as it will not need to be loaded as often. When it does come time to insert a new roll, that processes is a breeze. This label gun has always been produced in the USA. Although it uses the smallest label available in our industry (tie with one other model), the most popular print option does not give a small print display on the price sticker; small, but just as easy to read as any other labeler.

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