Pro Bakery Bites

We love dogs. And dogs love us.

At Ag-Alchemy, to say we love dogs almost seems like an understatement. It’s the why behind our Pro Bakery Bites treats. We upcycle not-quite-perfect baked goods from a family owned specialty bakery – adding tummy friendly probiotics and natural ingredients, fruits, veggies and proteins. Our Pro Bakery Bites are baked fresh in our ovens, right here in the USA to create the great-tasting treats dogs love.


It’s what happens when a 100-year-old, family owned specialty bakery turns its not-quite-perfect people products into great-tasting upcycled treats dogs love!


Healthy digestion makes all the difference with probiotics that provide good bacteria to promote gut health, a strong immune system and digestive balance.


Carefully sourced, high-quality, all-natural ingredients give Ag-Alchemy treats nutritional value, with probiotics, fruits, grasses and proteins.


Regular internal audits, continuous improvement initiatives and BRC Certification tell you that the Pro Bakery Bites treats from Ag-Alchemy are baked in the USA and safe for your pets.

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