Crazy Good Gourmet Hot Cocoa Shipper – 36 Pack (42631)


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Crazy Good Gourmet Hot Cocoa Shipper

Included in Shipper

Crazy Good Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix 12/9oz

UPC: 737697-017607

Crazy Good Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Mix 12/9oz

UPC: 737697-017614

Crazy Good Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix 12/9oz

UPC: 737697-017621

Admit it, we all have days when it seems the only thing to look forward to is a few hours of sleep at night. With Heartland Gourmet Hot Cocoa, you have something better waiting for you at the end of your long, tedious day. Mix with milk or water, sip, and you are reminded of that movie €“ you know the one €“ where the girl gets the guy, and suddenly the world is a brighter place, and everything tastes amazing! Yep, that’s the one. And yep, this is the hot cocoa to take you there. Makes 9 cups of amazing.

  • Heartland Gourmet specializes in producing some of the finest tasting Gourmet Flavored Hot Cocoa that you will ever enjoy Our secret lies in paying attention to the details in preparing our premium quality cocoa blends
  • We are very careful to select the right balance and combination of ingredients.
  • We add just the right amount of milk powder so that you only need to add hot water to enjoy each of our creamy flavors
  • With wonderful tasting Hot Cocoa on the inside, we then complete the job by producing some of the most charming and unique packaging that you will find in this category

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Weight 24 lbs
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