Microwaveable Takeout Containers

Heat & Eat Happiness: Microwaveable Takeout for Chicken, Ribs & More!

Deliver restaurant-quality meals straight to your customers’ happy places. Ditch the foil and messy transfers with our selection of microwaveable takeout containers.  Specifically designed for chicken roasters, fried chicken, ribs, and pre-made meals. Our diverse range of durable and convenient options ensures your delicious food reheats beautifully.

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Showing 25–25 of 25 results

Showing 25–25 of 25 results

Reheating Made Easy:

  • Microwave Marvels: Our containers are specifically designed for microwave use.
  • Leakproof & Splatterproof Champions: Say goodbye to messy mishaps! .
  • From Oven to Table Versatility: Simplify the reheating process. Maximum reheating versatility.

The Perfect Container for Every Takeout Craving:

  • Chicken Roaster Royalty: Our containers are designed to accommodate whole or half chickens, locking in moisture and crispness for a restaurant-quality reheating experience.
  • Fried Chicken Feasts: Reheat crispy fried chicken without sacrificing texture. Our vented lids and baggs allow steam to escape.
  • Rib Revivers: Reheat ribs to fall-off-the-bone perfection. Our durable containers can handle saucy dishes.
  • Pre-Made Meal Masters: From pasta dishes to casseroles, our containers accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.

Microwaveable takeout containers are a must-have for any restaurant or food service business, especially those specializing in chicken, ribs, and pre-made meals. Streamline operations, minimize waste, and deliver exceptional takeout experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Browse our extensive selection today and discover how we can take your takeout business to the next level!