Spring Containers

Increase Sales with These Eye Catching Containers

sustainable pizza boxes

A new way to package your pizzas!

Hybrid Trash Can Liner

Hybrid Xact Fit Combines sustainability principles with product innovation.

flavor labels

Click to see our entire line of flavor labels!

biodegradable umbrella bags

Most plastic bags such as this are disposed of in a landfill. Under conditions normally present in a landfill, 50% of this bag will degrade every 4 years


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Our Custom Program offers many products that can be customized by adding your logo or store name to create a special look for your business. Our on site graphic design team can incorporate your current logo or create an original design from scratch to meet your needs …..LEARN MORE.  

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Checkpoint Security

Is a cost-effective loss prevention system that’s easy to install and maintain. Our Certified Channel Partners ensure that independently owned stores and regional retailers have access to the same industry-leading technology and excellent service.  …..LEARN MORE



Specialty Foods

Brenmar Carries a wide variety of Specialty Foods that are perfect for resale or in your own kitchen.  We carry barbecue sauces, salad dressings, chips, snacks, syrup, dips, nuts, sunflowers seeds, dog food and much more.  See all our great brands like, Grandma Fosters, Sweet Heat, Bone Sucking Sauce, Giants, Hollmans, Mannheim, Calvin & Cleo’s,  Mario, Art’s and Mary’s, Doc’s Choice and much more.   Call us for wholesale pricing.  Click here to see our line of Specialty Foods.


Wet Umbrella Bags NRA Show


Brenmar will be showcasing our Wet Umbrella Bag and Supplies at this year’s NRA Show in Chicago, IL. Every year, over the course of four days, more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.  If you’re attending check us out and see our regular wet umbrella bags as well as our biodegradable bags, racks and signage.  See Our Line of Wet Umbrella Bags and Racks.


Food Labeling


Most of you probably don’t know this but Brenmar started out as a label retailer.  Even though we expanded our lines we still sell hundreds of labels.  We have over 800 adhesive labels with pre-printed designs and messages as well as pricing marking and date coding labels.  Our selection of meat labels and flavor labels is unmatched. We also carry bakery labels, produce labels, merchandising labels, pricing labels, deli labels, seasonal labels, and bilingual labels. If you can’t find it here give us a call at 1-800-783-7759.



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Brenmar was founded in 1988 as a distributor of supermarket, retail store and manufacturing supplies. Brenmar has become a nationwide leader in the foodservice supply industry. The company now produces ….READ MORE.